[Marketing Specialist]

* 회사소개

미국계 health care 사

* 자격요건

a. Maintain price system as directed.
b. To involve in monthly actual sales and tracking
c. To analyze and report monthly, quarterly, and yearly sales trends.
d. To keep current in all major trends, maintaining files in these trends and on major products/markets/competitors in key markets.
e. Product management of assigned products
f. Plan and execute new product launches.
g. Train sales force on product areas.
h. Stay abreast of, analyze, and report on market conditions and competitive activities such as prices, sales trends, account status
i. Act as focal point for coordination of information and activities
j. Plan and implement symposia, seminars, conventions, meetings, trade shows, and exhibitions including budgets, exhibit designs, exhibit theme, accommodations, shipment of products and promotional items, feedback system. In regards with, proceeds properly according to KMDIA guidelines and company policies
k. Establish target account list and business tracking and report systems that provide sufficient analytical data
l. Control use of demos and free goods
m. Take responsibilities on processing events, scientific meetings and any other
n. Plan and implement all advertising/sales promotion
o. Develop appropriate sales promotional material, sales aids, and educational materials
p. Monitor and maintain electronic communication tools for sales and marketing
가능하면 sales 경험이 있는 marketing 후보자
* 경력은 4~7년되는 30대 초충반
* 국문 타이틀은 대리 말년이나 과장급 정도

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